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Underground cable puller 50 kN – OMAC Italy UP50

68 121,74$ 68 121,74$

Underground puller – UP50

Feeding -diesel
Power -35 hp / 26 kW
Cooling -water
Starting -12 V

Max pull -50 kN
Max speed -60 m/min

Capstans -2 x Ø 280 mm
Max rope diameter -14 mm
Dimensions LxWxH -3,10×1,70×1,75 m
Weight (without rope) – 1900 kg

Underground cable puller UP50 – 50 kN

Underground cable puller by OMAC Italy. Adapted to pulling one rope during the operation of pulling the transmission cable and fiber optic lines.

One hydraulic circuit allows, above all, to continuously change the speed in both directions from the control panel.

Every Omac machine is equipped with an electronic recorder DEG with a USB port used to save all data as option 069.2.

Major changes in internal combustion engines meant that the power of the built-in motor became an important parameter for winches with a pulling capacity of around 5 tons.
Many manufacturers try to lower the selling price of machines by installing lower-powered engines that do not require additional DPF filters.
Unfortunately, the installation of weaker motors with a power of e.g. 15-18 kW instead of 25-30 KW and the use of appropriate gears leads to a significant reduction in the speed of pulled ropes, especially with higher pulling power. With such winds, the lifting speed drops even to 0 km/h, which directly translates into working time and financial losses. In our experience, customers are dissatisfied with winches with weaker motors.

Technical features:

  • Electronic length counter.
  • Negative hydraulic safety brake.
  • The chassis is on a rigid axle, with a hand brake and a detachable drawbar. Therefore, it is possible to move the machine to the place of work.
  • Hydraulic rear stabilizers and manual front stabilizers.
  • Equipment to anchor and lift the machine.

Wire rope winch spool capacity:
⌀ 10 mm – 1500 m
⌀ 12 mm – 1000 m
⌀ 14 mm – 800 m

Optional winch equipment:

  • Equipped with an OLS system that allows remote control of the machine, WI-FI connection, GPS geolocation, fault detection system and much more. More in the OLS.
  • The main functions of the panel include, above all, the display of tension force, real-time cable speed and length, maximum tension settings, working time display.
  • On the other hand, saving and storing data on a USB memory stick (data processing software provided).
  • Radio remote control possible

You can find other machines for cable and overhead lines on our website.

Weight 2500 kg
Dimensions 450 × 180 × 160 cm


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