Lighting towers

The lighting towers from the Italian manufacturer has been one of the best lighting solutions for over 50 years.
TRIME creates solutions for customers from all over the world, offering lighting masts in various sizes and configurations.

Offering 4 types of lighting masts:

  1. Stationary
  2. Stationary, battery-powered
  3. Mobile, with a generator
  4. Mobile, hybrid

Lighting towers from 2 to 9 meters

TRIME produces lighting towers of various heights, ranging from small 2-meter-high to impressive 9-meter-high.

Innovative lighting solutions

The TRIME lighting towers are characterized by high quality lighting, which ensures excellent lighting conditions both at night and during the day. Thanks to modern technologies, TRIME lighting towers are also extremely energy-efficient, which allows for lower operating costs.

Numerous configurations of lighting masts

Our company offers lighting towers with various configurations, which allows the masts to be tailored to the individual needs of customers. These include: lighting with one or more reflectors, masts with a telescopic system, with a control system or lighting towers with a power supply system.

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