Cable winch

Cable winch with lifting capacity from 5 kN to 280 kN are reliable and efficient devices that are used to pull and tension cables of various diameters and lengths. These machines are indispensable in the power, telecommunications, construction and many other industries where there is a need to move and tension cable lines.

Cable winch with such a wide capacity range allow for flexible adaptation to a variety of tasks. From smaller projects that require pulling cables with less force, to large installations where it is necessary to tension strong cable lines. Regardless of the scale of the project, a winch with the right capacity will provide the necessary strength and control needed to successfully pull cables.

Cable winches from 5 kN to 280 kN offer advanced features and technologies that simplify operation and ensure precise results. They are equipped with powerful motors that generate enough power to pull heavy-duty cables. In addition, these machines have different speeds and operating modes, which makes it possible to adapt to different conditions and cable types.

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