medium voltage overhead lines

OMAC Italy is a valued manufacturer of high-quality equipment for medium voltage (MV) overhead lines. The use of OMAC Italy devices in the MV overhead line brings many benefits and facilitations in the field of installation, modernization and maintenance of these systems.

One of the key devices offered by OMAC Italy are cable winches. These winches have been designed specifically for pulling and tensioning MV conductors onto overhead line masts. Thanks to precise control, high efficiency and durable construction, OMAC Italy winches enable efficient and trouble-free installation of MV cables.

In addition, OMAC Italy also offers winch-tensioners, which are irreplaceable when pulling, tensioning and braking cables on MV overhead lines. OMAC Italy puller-tensioners provide precise control of cable tension, which is essential for the safe and reliable operation of the MV system.

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