Rail-road vehicle

Our rail-road vehicle for hanging overhead lines has many advantages over competing solutions, such as the ability to reach hard-to-reach places, increase work safety and reduce maintenance time.

Innovative road-rail vehicle with many years of experience in the railway industry

Our rail-road vehicle for the installation of catenaries is equipped with special devices, such as work baskets, lifts, lifts or platforms, which allow for safe and effective movement along the catenary. Outriggers enable precise and easy hanging or replacement of catenaries and load-bearing ropes.

Fully equipped custom systems

These vehicles are widely used in the railway industry and are essential to maintaining the safety and reliability of the catenary. Thanks to them, you can react quickly and effectively to all kinds of failures and defects, which contributes to improving the quality and efficiency of rail transport.

Thanks to it, it is possible to quickly and easily make repairs, replacement and modernization of the traction network, which is particularly important in the case of the rapid development of rail transport.

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