Manual chain winch

The OMAC Italy manual chain winch is a tool that ensures reliability and high efficiency when lifting various loads.

Like other winches of this type, they can offer various lifting capacities, from kilograms to several tons, tailored to the user’s needs.

The use of OMAC Italy winches is versatile: from work in workshops, in construction to intensive industrial applications. These winches may have features that provide additional safety and durability, such as anti-corrosion coatings and precision maneuvering mechanisms.

Additionally, OMAC Italy can offer various accessories and solutions adapted to specific working conditions, such as mountings or options for work in potentially explosive areas.

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  • Accessories

    Chain winch 30 kN 3 ton (pull-lift) OMAC Italy C55.300

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  • Accessories

    Chain lever hoist 90 kN 9 ton (pull-lift) OMAC Italy C55.900

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    1 004,07$ 1 004,07$ Add to cart
  • Accessories

    Chain winch 7.5 kN 750 kg (pull-lift) OMAC Italy C55.075

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    310,34$ 310,34$ Add to cart

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