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Which lighting tower should you choose? Key selection issues

The lighting tower plays an essential role in ensuring efficient and safe working conditions on construction sites and in other areas that require proper lighting.

Lighting masts, which are extremely versatile devices, usually equipped with LED diodes, are a key element ensuring appropriate lighting conditions in various places.

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Which lighting tower will be the best?

The choice of a lighting mast requires taking into account several important factors that have a significant impact on the efficiency and functionality of the device. There are a large number of masts on the market from China that do not meet most standards or have certificates confirming their efficiency.

It is worth paying attention to a few specification and construction elements in order to choose the right device that will serve for many years, and such elements include:

Diesel engine

Combustion engines in lighting masts are key elements that ensure mobility and independence from external power sources. These engines power generators, which in turn provide energy for the LED lighting located on the mast. Their presence is extremely important, especially in places where access to a permanent power source may be difficult or impossible.

Challenges related to combustion engines

  1. Exhaust emissions: Combustion engines generate exhaust gases, which can be problematic especially in areas requiring a quiet working environment or in crowded public spaces. The current standard approved for operation is EURO 5/STAGE V.
  2. Noise emission: Only devices that generate noise below 70 dB meet legal requirements for this type of devices, but also increase work comfort.
  3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance of internal combustion engines is important for their smooth operation and durability. This requires regular inspections, replacing oil, filters and other elements.
  4. Operating costs: Internal combustion engines require fuel, which generates operating costs, especially if they are used for a long time.

Recognized brands of combustion engines (diesel) used in the construction industry include: Yanmar, Kubota or Lombardini (Kohler). These are proven, trustworthy combustion engines with low operating costs.

maszt oświetleniowy mobilny LED 8.5 m agregat trime lighting tower mast lichtmast

It is worth noting that there are now also modern alternatives to combustion engines, such as hybrid or electric engines, which eliminate exhaust emissions and reduce noise, while ensuring mobility and independence from a constant power source.

LED lamps

LED luminaires in lighting masts are a revolutionary step in the lighting industry. LED technology dominates in places such as construction sites, outdoor events, concerts and other events where lighting plays a key role.

It is worth paying attention to the efficiency of LED lighting in terms of the illuminated surface. Typically, manufacturers equip mobile lighting masts with 4 or 6 LED lampholders with a power of 160W or 320W.

The main advantages of LED lamps in lighting towers

  1. Energy efficiency: LEDs are much more energy efficient than traditional light sources, which means less electricity consumption and longer operating time on one charge.
  2. Vibration and shock resistance: LEDs are more resistant to vibration and shock, making them more durable in construction conditions or in places requiring stable lighting.
  3. Instant On: LEDs instantly reach full light intensity when turned on, eliminating delays and time needed to reach full lighting output.
  4. Long service life: LED fixtures are characterized by a long service life compared to traditional light sources, which reduces the costs associated with replacing bulbs or other components.

All the above advantages mean that this technology declares standard, obsolete halogen bulbs – especially in the Lumens/Watt ratio.

Design and mobility

Easy transport of the lighting mast is a key element, especially when the device is moved from place to place. The structure should be designed for efficient movement, whether approved for public roads or by stacker or crane.

Solid construction, made of materials resistant to weather conditions and the ability to withstand wind loads are features that are crucial for the durability of the device.

Certified wind resistance

The key feature of the structure when purchasing is certified wind resistance – usually the masts are resistant to 80 km/h to 110 km.

maszt oświetleniowy mobilny LED 8.5 m agregat trime lighting tower mast lichtmast metalohalogenkowy

Maintenance and servicing of the device

The first aspect is maintenance. The lighting requirements on a construction site can be constant, so it is crucial to choose equipment with long service intervals. Simple operation and easy diagnosis of potential faults are extremely important.

When choosing a lighting tower powered by an internal combustion engine, service intervals depend on many factors, including the intensity of use, weather conditions and the specific nature of the device itself. However, as a general rule, regular inspections and services are necessary, usually every 6 to 12 months or every 500 to 1,000 operating hours on average, especially when lighting masts are used intensively on construction sites.

Safety of use

Occupational safety is of the utmost importance. When choosing a lighting mast, make sure that it meets all necessary legal requirements to ensure safe working conditions for employees and users of public spaces.

Often, lighting masts with combustion engines are not allowed in mines or places with flammable products – in such a case, it is worth considering certified ATEX LED lamp holders and spark arresters.


An appropriate lighting tower has a significant impact on safety and efficiency of work on the construction site or in other spaces. Understanding and taking into account these factors can significantly impact the effectiveness of lighting and working conditions. When deciding on the choice of a lighting mast, it is worth keeping these key aspects in mind.

Additionally, proper lighting can reduce insurance costs and reduce the risk of damage on a construction site. Therefore, it is worth considering purchasing a lighting mast as an investment in the health and safety of employees and as a means of protection against potential costs related to accidents and damage.

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