Diesel screw compressor

Diesel screw compressor

Diesel screw compressor are the perfect solution for those looking for equipment with high mobility and efficiency. The Rotair brand offers air compressors that are perfectly suited for construction, industrial and agricultural requirements.

Rotair compressors reliability and performance

Rotair screw compressors are characterized by reliability and durability, which is crucial when working on construction sites or in the field. Using the latest technology and high-quality materials, Rotair screw compressors offer high performance as well as fuel efficiency.

Rotair diesel compressor models are available in a variety of models and horsepower, so you can choose the right unit for your individual needs. These compressors are also equipped with practical handles and wheels for easy transport and handling.

Homologated air compressors, fully compliant with all standards

Rotair diesel screw compressors are also an environmentally friendly solution, as the engines used in them meet emission standards like STAGE 5 (EURO 5).
As a result, you can use these devices without worrying about the environmental impact.

Innovation of Rotair compressors

It is worth noting that Rotair is a well-known and respected brand, offering not only combustion compressors, but also other products in this category. This company has been providing the market with innovative and reliable technological solutions for many years, which allows it to maintain its leadership in the industry.

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