Cable rollers

We offer high-quality cable rollers and sliders made of galvanised steel and aluminium. Mounted on a galvanised steel frame and heavy-duty ball bearings. The rollers are of Polish manufacture.

Straight cable laying rollers

are accessories that are used for laying cables in straight lengths. These rollers are usually placed in frames and the cables flow through them, making them easy to lay and move.

Angled rollers

are rollers placed at right angles to the cable laying surface. This allows the cables that flow through the angle rollers to change direction to 90 degrees. Angle rollers are used where the cable needs to change direction during flow.

Entry rollers

are rollers that are placed at the beginning of the track through which the cable flows. These rollers have a special shape and surface that make it easier to insert the cable into the track.

Corner rollers

are rollers placed at an angle where the cable needs to change direction by more than 90 degrees. Corner rollers are usually larger than angled rollers to allow the cable to flow smoothly.

Keyway cable rollers

are rollers that are recessed into special holes in the floor or walls to allow cables to be laid safely and aesthetically.

Cable slides are components which allow the free passage of cables. Cable sliders are used where cables flow through narrow spaces such as holes or cable chambers. These sliders prevent cables from twisting and damaging their insulation.

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