Station air compressors

ELGi’s station air compressors are products aimed at professionals and companies that need a reliable source of high-performance compressed air.

Station air compressors for professional industry

The ELGi company offers a wide range of compressors, which are available in various variants, which allows the device to be tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

ELGi stationary compressors are characterized by high quality workmanship, which translates into their reliability and long life. These products are designed for intensive use in industrial conditions, thanks to which they are able to cope with even the most demanding tasks.

Various of options with made for customer’s comfort

ELGi scroll compressors are devices that are characterized by low noise levels and high efficiency. They are ideal for applications where low-noise compressed air is required, such as laboratories, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

The ELGi company is a manufacturer that also offers mobile compressors that are ideal for field use. These products are characterized by a compact and durable design, which allows them to be easily moved and used in various places.

Innovative and leading solutions in compressed air solutions

The ELGi offer includes screw compressors which are equipped with innovative technological solutions that allow for high efficiency with minimal energy consumption. Reciprocating compressors, on the other hand, are characterized by high efficiency and are ideal for applications where low pressure is required, while scroll compressors are used for applications where low-noise compressed air is required.

Created for individual needs

All of ELGi’s station air compressors are designed for ease of operation and maintenance, minimizing running costs. In addition, ELGi offers a wide range of accessories and fittings that allow you to adjust the compressor to individual customer needs.

Trustworthy solutions with 60+ years of experience

It is worth noting that ELGi is a manufacturer that has been operating on the air compressors market for over 60 years and has extensive experience and knowledge in this field.

Thanks to this, when choosing a stationary ELGi compressor, you can be sure that you get a product of high quality, reliability and efficiency, which will work in all working conditions.

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