Stump grubber

The Dipperfox Stump grubber Machine is an innovative trunk clearing machine that offers a precise and effective solution for tree trunk and root removal.

Dipperfox Stump grubber

Dipperfox trunk milling machines are ideal for forestry workers, gardeners and tree removal companies, as they allow quick removal of stumps and roots without the need for heavy physical labor.

Fastest stump and root grubbing

The grubbing with the revolutionary Dipperfox product offer many advantages over traditional methods of stump and root removal, such as precise and safe removal, use of the latest technology, and saving time and money.

Speed and ease of use

With Dipperfox milling machines, you can avoid tedious manual labor and minimize the impact on your surroundings, as the milling machines allow for precise removal of stumps and roots without damaging surrounding vegetation and land.

Dipperfox is safe for humans and nature

Using a Dipperfox stump cutter is also an environmentally friendly choice, as it avoids the troublesome practices of traditional grubbing, such as cutting and burning trees, which contributes to the preservation of land and natural resources.

The Dipperfox trunk milling machine can remove 1 trunk in 20 seconds and as many as 180 trunks in 1 hour depending on the model selected.

This also saves time and money compared to traditional log removal methods.

It’s worth choosing a Dipperfox stump milling machine for its innovative technology, speed and precision of work, and efficiency in removing tree trunks and roots.

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    Dipperfox log splitter

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  • Stump grubber

    Dipperfox SC400 stump grinder

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  • Stump grubber

    Dipperfox SC600 tree stump grinder

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    Dipperfox SC850 Pro stump grubber

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