Measuring devices

Measuring devices are an extremely important element in the process of building energy investments.

Among them are:

  • Electronic dynamometer – a device used to measure force. In the context of energy investment construction, the electronic dynamometer is mainly used for measuring forces caused by tractors and winches.
  • Deflection gauge – a precise measuring device that allows for accurate determination of the deflection of structural elements, such as masts, towers, power poles, and many others. It allows checking whether the construction is properly made and whether it will withstand loads.
  • Surveying level – a tool that is used to precisely position structural elements in space. This level allows for surveying – that is, accurate positioning of the structural element in a vertical or horizontal position. This helps to avoid later problems related to deviations from the level.
  • Control panels – devices that allow for control and operation of various construction elements, such as winches or load brakes produced by us. These panels allow for precise adjustment of speed, torque, and other operating parameters of the devices. Thanks to them, the construction process can be effectively controlled and problems related to improper tool matching at which our machines work can be avoided.

All of these measuring devices are extremely important in the process of building energy investments. Thanks to them, high quality work can be achieved and problems related to defective construction or improper operation of equipment can be avoided.

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