portable screw compressors, przewoźne sprężarki śrubowe

Rotair’s new portable screw compressors at IRE 2023 in Maastricht

Rotair’s new MDVN 52 Eco 5, MDVN 32B and MDVN 34E portable screw compressors on display at the International Rental Exhibition (IRE) in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

IRE is an international exhibition dedicated to the equipment rental industry that gathers manufacturers, suppliers and customers from around the world.

This prestigious event gives the opportunity to present the latest innovations, technologies and solutions that have an impact on the development of the equipment rental sector around the globe.

New Rotair mobile screw compressors MDVN 32B, MDVN 34E and MDVN 52 Eco 5

At a time when environmental protection is becoming an increasingly pressing challenge, the equipment rental industry cannot be left behind.
Keeping machines efficient and reliable while reducing emissions is now a priority for many professionals.

Rotair has embraced innovation with the new MDVN 52 Eco 5, MDVN 32B and MDVN 34E portable screw air compressors set to change the standards of the rental industry at the International Rental Exhibition (IRE) in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

MDVN 52 Eco 5 – Mobile screw compressor with aftercooler and water cyclone separator under 750 kg

przewoźne sprężarki śrubowe portable screw compressors

One of the highlights of the show was the MDVN 52 Eco 5. This portable air compressor features an optional integrated aftercooler and separator, which is housed in a less than 750kg design. Thanks to this, high quality compressed air can be achieved, which is crucial in many applications, such as sandblasting, blowing fiber optics or dry ice blasting.

The MDVN 52 Eco 5 weighs less than 750 kg, which means that it meets the European road approval criteria. This is a huge advantage for renters who can easily move this portable unit without having to meet additional car trailer licences.

MDVN 32B – Mobile air compressor with a capacity of 3.2 m3 at 7 bar, adapted to the Stage V standard with a petrol engine

Another model that attracted attention at IRE is the MDVN 32B. This portable air compressor features a 29kW petrol engine that meets Stage V emission regulations. Thanks to this, users can enjoy excellent performance and at the same time care for the environment.

The MDVN 32B delivers 3,200 liters of air per minute at a constant pressure of 7 bar, allowing for a variety of applications from mole jacking to fiber optic cable blowing jobs.

przewoźne sprężarki śrubowe portable screw compressors

MDVN 34E – Mobile screw compressor with electric motor

The last of the new models is the MDVN 34E, which uses an electric motor. It provides a capacity of 3,400 liters of air per minute at a constant pressure of 7 bar. This model meets emission standards and is the perfect solution for applications where a portable air compressor powered by electricity is required.

All models on display at IRE represent a great solution for any industry, providing high performance, mobility, environmental friendliness and lower operating costs and emissions.

Without a doubt, Rotair proves that it is possible to move towards the future by offering not only reliable but also greener solutions for rental professionals.

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