Single Eye cable stocking

Single Eye cable stocking for pulling underground cables with a diameter of 18-320 mm are specially developed devices that are used when laying underground cables. These pulling grips have been designed to make it easier to pull in underground cables with different diameters.

The cable grips are strong and durable to withstand the challenges of laying underground cables. They are designed to absorb high tensile forces while ensuring an even distribution of tensile stress to prevent damage to the cable.

Thanks to their versatile adaptability, these socks are suitable for a wide range of underground cables with diameters from 18 mm to an impressive 320 mm. This allows application in different projects and situations where different cable diameters are involved.

The use of cable grips makes the installation of underground cables much easier. They enable efficient and quick laying without the cable having to be stripped or otherwise prepared in advance. The stockings are pulled over the cable jacket and offer a secure hold with an appropriate tensile load.

Overall, cable grips for underground cables help to make the work of installers easier and make the process of laying cables underground more efficient and safer. They allow different cable diameters to be managed and ensure the integrity of the cables during the pulling process.

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