Cable lubricant

One of the companies that specializes in the production of cable lubricant is Carima. Carima is a well-known manufacturer of lubricants and lubricants that offers solutions for many industries, including telecommunications, energy, automotive, water and sewage and others.

Cable and fiber optic lubricant

Our Carima cable and fiber lubricant is the perfect solution for those who are looking for high quality and technologically advanced products.

Our fluids are specially formulated to reduce friction between the cables and the outer sheath, making cables less likely to suffer wear and tear.

High resistance and ecology

Carima lubricants are fully compliant with safety and environmental standards, which means they are safe for users and do not harm the environment. In addition, these fluids also have excellent resistance to high and low temperatures as well as evaporation, meaning they can be used in the harshest conditions.

Quick application

It is also worth emphasizing that Carima cable lubricants are easy to use and apply, which facilitates the work of specialists dealing with the installation and maintenance of cables and optical fibers.

Thanks to their reliability and long life, these fluids help to ensure the continuity and reliability of telecommunications services.

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