Braided steel rope

Braided Steel Rope Hexagonal : Resilience and Versatility

The hexagonal braided steel rope, also known as BRAIDED STEEL ROPE, stands out as a remarkable solution for a variety of applications requiring resilience and durability. It consists of 12 or 18 galvanized high-tensile steel strands with spliced eyes on both ends.

Versatile Applications in Overhead Transmission Line Construction

The BRAIDED STEEL ROPE with its hexagonal cross-section proves to be perfectly suitable as a pulling rope in the construction of overhead transmission lines. With its high-tensile construction and spliced eyes, it offers the necessary robustness and reliability for demanding tasks.

High Flexibility and Resistance to Twisting

The hexagonal design not only imparts increased flexibility to the steel rope but also provides remarkable resistance to twisting. This is crucial to ensuring reliable performance even under challenging conditions.

Longevity Due to High-Quality Lubrication of Individual Strands

To ensure the longevity of the BRAIDED STEEL ROPE, individual strands are meticulously lubricated. This high-quality lubrication helps minimize wear and extends the rope’s lifespan.

Minimal Wear on Sheave Wheels, Rope Pulleys, and Scaffold Elements

The hexagonal cross-section of the braided steel rope offers an additional benefit in the form of minimal wear on sheave wheels, rope pulleys, and scaffold elements. This translates not only to a longer lifespan for the rope but also more efficient utilization overall.

Delivered on Galvanized Steel Reel

The BRAIDED STEEL ROPE is delivered on a galvanized steel reel, available in diameters of 1100, 1400, or 1800 mm. This additional protective layer ensures an extended rope lifespan, even in environments with demanding conditions.

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