Aftercooler for air compressor

AFR series Aftercooler for air compressor are used in compressed air systems to reduce air temperature and eliminate water leaving the air compressor.

Aftercooler for air compressor

Coolers consist of copper tubes inside which compressed air circulates.
Cooling is provided by a high-efficiency axial fan that draws ambient air to a bank of reed valves.
In this way, the compressed air is cooled down to a temperature that can reach up to approx. 10°C above ambient temperature.

Integrated systems equipped with a water dryer

Cooling condenses a large percentage of the moisture present in the compressed air. A CCS centrifugal separator is installed at the refrigerant outlet to facilitate the elimination of the resulting condensation.

A proven solution for working with blow molding machines and sandblasting devices

The AFR aftercooler installation ensures maximum efficiency of all downstream components such as refrigeration dryers, adsorption dryers and filters.

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