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Rotair mobile air compressor – sale!

A mobile air compressor is a basic tool in work such as blowing fiber optics, soil displacement hammers, powering pneumatic tools, sandblasting or even dry ice cleaning.

Rotair screw compressors are one of the leaders in the portable compressed air market

Choosing the right screw compressor is very important in the long term – it translates into the costs of work, work culture in public places and the quality of air supplied to devices that need high-quality compressed air.

✅The highest quality of compressed air (1-3 PPM) compared to the competition in the standard version
✅ Patented screw set, automatic regulation of the combustion engine speed guaranteeing the lowest operating costs
✅The fastest after-sales service and service available throughout Poland
✅Two-year warranty covered by the mastery of fully Italian production

If you are looking for screw compressors that guarantee all the above points – Rotair portable compressors are ready for the challenges of your company.

Take care of your project with us!

Contact us and we will advise you which solution will be right for you

We will help you choose the right equipment for your work. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask us any questions about our products. In addition to selling them, we also offer service and unique training. Dispel your doubts and rely on our experience!

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