Hydraulic power unit

A hydraulic power unit is a device that is used to generate and transmit power through a hydraulic fluid, usually hydraulic oil.

A hydraulic power pack usually comprises a hydraulic pump, oil tank, valves, filters, cooling system and a motor or electric motor.

Hydraulic power units used in very demanding conditions

The main task of hydraulic power units is to transmit hydraulic force to various machines and equipment that use this force to perform work. As a result, these units are widely used in industry, agriculture, construction and also in the automotive industry.

Applications of hydraulic power packs

Examples of applications for hydraulic power units include: Lifting weights and actuating equipment in construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, rollers, bulldozers and cranes. Controlling the movements of workpieces in industrial machinery such as machine tools, presses and production lines.

Robust design and performance

Our units are highly efficient and reliable, due to their main use in the field of hydraulic winches and brakes, which makes them frequently used in various other industries.

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