Rope winding drum

We offer a wide range of cable winding drums, both steel and synthetic, that will provide easy and convenient cable storage for your overhead line business.

The rope winding drum has a large capacity, which allows you to store long lengths of cable without the need to cut them into shorter pieces.

Steel and polypropylene rope winding drum

Our drums has been available in our offer for over 10 years on the market. The products are made of high-quality materials, which ensures reliability and long life of the device.

Ergonomic for a faster replacement process

Our rope winding drum feature durable, wear-resistant rollers and feature an opening side and truncated cone drum for easy unwinding of the cord.

Convenience and space saving

We also have specialized accessories that are necessary for the proper storage of this type of cable. Thanks to this, we will avoid accidental twisting of cables, which can lead to damage and reduce their strength.

Decades of experience in the power industry

We provide our customers with professional service and advice in choosing the right cable winding drum that will meet their requirements and ensure reliable and convenient storage of cables in the company.

Contact us for more information about our offer and to find the best solution for your project.

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