Cable trailer

The cable trailer you can purchase from us is a high-quality vehicle that is used for transporting cables and other materials. They are very popular in the telecommunications and energy industries, as they allow easy and safe transportation of cables over various distances.

Ensured durability

Cable trailers of our production are characterized by a robust design, which guarantees safe transportation. They are usually made of sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum, which ensures their durability and resistance to damage.

Multi-purpose – multi-purpose cable trailers from CBS Products.

In addition, the CBS trailers you can find from us are equipped with special fastening systems that ensure the stability of the transported cargo and minimize the risk of damage to it while driving.

The great advantage of these cable trailers from our offer is their versatility. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, so they can be tailored to individual needs.

What distinguishes our trailers?

The trailers allow for the transportation of cables of various lengths and thicknesses, which enables them to be used effectively in various types of telecommunications and electrical power projects.

In addition, our cable trailers are characterized by easy handling and maneuverability. They are usually equipped with special mechanisms for lifting and lowering the load, which facilitates the process of loading and unloading. Their design allows for safe maneuvering on construction sites and easy movement over short distances.

Homologated trailer with braking system and lighting

They are also characterized by very good driving properties. Their design allows for very stable transport of cargo, even at high speeds. In addition, we equip our trailers with state-of-the-art braking and lighting systems, which allows safe transportation even in difficult weather conditions.

They are indispensable in the industry, and their versatility and ease of use make them a popular choice for many companies.

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