Amin Power Energy is exclusive representative in Central and Eastern Europe of brands such as OMAC Italy, Rotair, Trime, and Tersano – offers the latest, reliable and solid solutions in the construction of high voltage lines, air compressor cable lines, and lighting, providing professional accessories.
Our solutions are based on the latest technologies, ensuring the highest quality.

By choosing our offer, you are choosing a trusted partner who will guarantee the longevity and safety of your project.

Welcome to our homepage! We are experts in selecting equipment for medium and high voltage power lines and traction networks. Our offer also includes high-quality machines for cable lines and professional equipment necessary for installation. Our company guarantees reliability and professionalism.
Trust our knowledge and experience, and we will help you to realize your project. Take advantage of our offer today!

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At home you can see that apart from selling, we also deal with the service of products that you can get from us. Thanks to this, high-voltage lines, overhead and power cables will serve for many years. Nevertheless, we make every effort to provide you with solid products that are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage. We make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with cooperation with OMAC.

The high-voltage overhead electrical cables supplied by us supply power to entire cities, thus providing all their inhabitants with convenience and comfort. The wires that you will find in our store, as well as other devices and machines, will make the work carried out during the repair and installation process run smoothly and quickly. Therefore, we cordially invite enterprises and industrial plants to take advantage of our offer, where you will get solid and durable products at an attractive, competitive price.

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Product categories

OMAC manufactures underground cable laying machines and related equipment. On the home page you will find the range of categories of our products, and the range of machines produced by OMAC includes all types of hydraulic winches, specifically designed for laying low / medium / high voltage cables, fiber optics and replacing sewer and gas pipes. Pulling force from 8 kN to 600 kN. In addition, the offer includes accessories and devices, such as those in the categories below.


In our assortment you will find selected accessories for electrical lines and devices used in the construction of overhead and cable lines, which we deliver to our customers for comprehensive service and use of machines.

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Screw air compressors

We are distinguished primarily by the quality and durability of workmanship, which allows us to use our products for hundreds of hours of uninterrupted work. Used in production equipment, workshops, laboratories.

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Light Towers

Light towers are developed and used in all markets, all environmental conditions and many different applications. such as rental, construction sites, road works, oil and gas and military applications.

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Safety Ladder systems

We offer fixed belay systems, permanent belay systems, roof, rope, vertical, horizontal, anti-fall systems with Finnish-made equipment. The offered products are made of very durable materials.

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Rampicar mini dumpers

The Rampicar device is a machine with a wide range of applications. Constructed so that each user can adjust the machine options to their own needs. It consists of a base device and elements added accordingly.

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Ozone disinfection

is currently the best solution in the world, which is 99.999% effective in combating Covid-19, but above all safe, environmentally neutral and cheap to maintain.

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Blowing machines

Blowing machines for optical fibers are devices for pneumatic or hydraulic pushing and blowing with the jet and piston method of microcables, optical fibers, copper cables and others into HDPE pipes.

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Railway Systems

OMAC Italy designs and manufactures catenary kits. Our offer includes projects such as two-way and railway vehicles that are used to build traction lines.

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Gel and cable lubricants

They are highly efficient, non-toxic and non-flammable, they increase the efficiency and uptime of machines. We invite you to see all lubricants and chemical products available with us.

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Hydraulic cable winches

Hydraulic capstan and drum cable winches for pulling steel and nylon ropes for work on cable and overhead lines and for various types of service work.

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Cable trailers and reel stands

The presented cable trailers are made of very durable materials resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as frost, rain or snow.

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Soil displacement hammers

Pneumatic moles are used for trenchless laying of water, telecommunications, gas or electrical installations.

See our pneumatic moles ➜

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Pneumatic moles

Innovative and most cost efficient soil displacement hammers.

Mobile air compressors

We invite you to see the mobile screw compressors available in our offer!

Cable Trailer

A wide selection of professional cable trailers for your business.

 Carima GLISS® cable lubricants

Cable and optic fiber lubricants are the perfect solution for those who are looking to upgrade the quality of work and speed.


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