Steel and Synthetic ropes

In the section of our store we offer Steel and Synthetic ropes for cable and overhead work.

Steel and Synthetic ropes

Steel wire ropes

Our wire ropes are non-twisted and made of galvanized steel with a special construction for high strength. Braided from multiple wires into a square or round bundle reinforced with a core, they are ideal for cable and overhead applications.

We also offer pre-pulled overhead wire ropes to make the installation process easier and faster.

Synthetic ropes

Our Synthetic ropes are non-absorbent and UV-resistant, making them durable and long-lasting. We offer pre-cable and guide ropes to help you route cables, as well as Dyneema dielectric ropes, which are ideal for pulling cables over existing plumbing networks.

We ensure the high quality of our products and a wide selection, allowing us to customize our offerings to meet the individual needs of each customer. Take advantage of our offer and get the highest quality ropes that will meet your requirements!

NOTES. When choosing wire ropes, please note that they should not be used with swivels – torsion relaxers.
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