Blowing machines

Blowing machines for fiber optics

Optical fiber blowing machines in our production are divided into 3 main types, micro, mini and maxi, which can be fully expanded and adjust parameters to customer needs.

These are devices for pneumatic or hydraulic and jet and piston blowing of microcables, optical fibers of copper and other cables into HDPE pipes.
The most important advantages of blow molding machines are their simple construction and thus reliability in work. They have a CE declaration of conformity.
Many years of experience and work with clients have allowed us to optimize machines and enter the European market.

the highest quality components of German production and Swedish production are used in our blow molding machines.

The most important features of our fiber blowing machines are:

  • Versatility – the range of operation of blow molding machines allows the insertion of cables with a diameter of 0.8 mm to 30 mm,
  • Reliability – the use of the highest quality materials in production and the use of experience for many years,
  • Speed – adjustable speed for all types of cable, up to 100m/min.
  • Strength – Thanks to suitably profiled belt tracks on rollers with bearings, the cable adheres properly to the guide over a large area and is moved with great force, while avoiding cable slippage and even its damage,
  • Operation – Thanks to the transparent housing, the blower operator can clearly see all the elements, which makes it easier to set the pressure,
  • Lubrication – automatic lubricators are installed in the machine, which dispense oil for lubrication in drops with great precision.

Slip liquids and gels are also available in our online store.

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