Overhead cable grips

Overhead cable grips: A key tool for hanging out medium and high voltage cables

Overhead lines play a key role in the transmission of electricity over long distances. To ensure the reliability and efficiency of these networks, it is important that the wires are properly hung and supported. For this purpose, sheaths are used, an indispensable tool for suspending and maintaining overhead cables, especially medium and high voltage cables, such as OPGW, ACSR and AFL cables.

What are Overhead cable grips?

Pulling Grips for overhead lines are special structures made of durable material that allow you to hang wires on poles and masts in a safe and reliable way. They are mounted at the ends of the wires or in the gaps between the poles, providing stability and proper tension for the wires. Sheets are designed to withstand changing weather conditions, including wind, precipitation and temperature fluctuations.

The use of sheets for various types of cables

Overhead line curtains are used to hang various types of wires, including:

OPGW (Optical Ground Wire): OPGW is a special type of overhead wire that has a dual role – it transmits electricity and enables fiber optic transmission. OPGW sheaths help maintain proper tension and stability for these dual purpose cables.

ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced): ACSR cables have a steel core, which gives them exceptional strength and load capacity. ACSR cable sleeving is essential in ensuring that these heavy cables are properly hung and supported to maintain network reliability.

AFL (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Fiber Optic Cable): AFL cables are self-supporting optical fibers that do not contain a metal core. AFL cable sleeving is designed to provide adequate support for these lightweight but stress sensitive fiber optic cables.

The importance of properly hanging wires

Proper hanging of overhead wires is crucial to ensure the reliability and durability of power grids. Overhead line sheaths allow for precise tensioning of conductors, minimizing the risk of overloading or rupture. In addition, properly hanged wires increase the safety of network operation, preventing them from falling or being damaged under the influence of weather conditions.


Overhead line pulling stockings are a key tool in the hanging and maintenance of medium and high voltage overhead wires. Their role in ensuring the reliability and durability of power grids cannot be overestimated. Thanks to the use of sheaths, it is possible to maintain the appropriate tension and stability for various types of cables, which translates into the efficiency and safety of operation of the entire energy infrastructure.

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