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Mobile air compressor for spraying PUR foam

The mobile air compressor from Rotair has been fully adapted to work with PUR foam units.
Check out our offer of air compressors that provide the highest quality compressed air and meet all standards for spraying foam.

You don’t know how to choose a compressor for spraying PUR foam?
Check out our guide!

Mobile air compressor for spraying PUR foam by Rotair

A series of VRK screw compressors awarded in the “Laurel of the Expert” competition as an innovative product of 2022.

VRK Fibra screw compressors with Honda GX690 and GX630 engines are the most competitive solutions on the market.

Thanks to its small dimensions and integrated cooler with a cyclone separator, it is the only fully compact device with a capacity of up to 1.6 m3 at 8 bar compressed air pressure with automatic speed control, which ensures lower fuel consumption with less air demand.

An integrated cooler with a built-in fan allows you to avoid the purchase of an external cooling cooler, which additionally loads the power generator in mobile PUR foam insulation systems.

laur eksperta 2022

Rotair VRK 16

8 bar – 116 psi
1300l/min – 46 cfm

Equipped with a cooler
end and water separator

Compressed air temperature

Compressed air quality

kompresor sprężarka spalinowa spalinowy śrubowy do światłowodów air screw compressor for fiber optics luftkompressor druckluftkompressor mobile przewoźna

Rotair VRK 20

8 bar – 116 psi
1600l/min – 57 cfm

Equipped with a cooler
combination and water separator

Compressed air temperature +20°C

Compressed air quality
1-3 PPM

Stationary screw air compressor 8 bar to 1 m3 from the Gommair series

The Gommair series are the most outstanding screw compressors due to the diesel engine.
This unit is designed for companies that want to minimize their labor costs.

Gommair diesel compressors are valued by companies from BeNeLux countries for their stability, integrated cooler with water separator and economical diesel engine.

The Gommair series is a reliable, economical, fully automated device that ensures the stability of parameters and compressed air quality for thousands of hours of operation, reducing costs (compared to competing units) by at least 50%.

Competitive solutions for spraying PUR foam, thanks to their frequent service intervals, are not able to compete with the Rotair solution – it is the most cost-effective solution on the market.

serwis, reklamacje, części zamienne, eksploatacja, eksploatacyjne, filtry, oleje, gwarancja Rotair

Gommair 10

Compact dimension (cm): 105 × 71 × 130

8 bar – 116 psi
1000l /min – 35 cfm

Equipped with an integrated compressed air cooler and
water cyclone separator with automatic discharge

Compressed air temperature +10°C

Compressed air quality 1-3 PPM

kompresor srubowy rotair

Why are Rotair’s air compressors the number one choice for spraying PUR foam?
Check why Rotair is the best solution for you!

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