Catenary installation equipment

Leaders of innovation on the energy market

Catenary installation equipment with OMAC Italy machines are considered top solutions on the market.
Over 80 years of experience in the market of designing machines for pulling and braking allows us to

Our technologically advanced systems allow you to perform work with high precision and efficiency.

Wide offer based on many years of experience

The company’s offer includes, among others, machines for hanging overhead contact lines, which allow for easy and safe mounting of contact wires on portal masts. Hydraulic outriggers are part of the machine and are used to position and lift heavy cables to the correct height. Thanks to this, the installation of the traction network becomes much simpler and more effective.

Leading solutions in the field of pulling and braking wires and cables

OMAC Italy catenary assembly machines are also equipped with a cable stand with a drum and a drive. This device allows for easy winding and carrying of cables, which speeds up the assembly process. The cable stand is easy to use, allowing operators to focus on other aspects of the job.

Designing machines for each client’s requirements

All OMAC Italy machines can be equipped with a control panel. Thanks to the control panel, operators can control the operation of the machine and adjust the settings to the needs of a specific project.

OMAC Italy also offers an automatic tensioning and winding unit for the catenary. This technologically advanced machine uses an external hydraulic or electrical source (12/24V) provided by the customer to ensure effective tensioning and winding of the cable.

Each project carefully completed

All OMAC Italy machines are made of durable materials and components, which guarantees their long life and reliability. The company also offers technical support and after-sales service, which translates into customer satisfaction.

By choosing OMAC Italy Catenary installation equipment , you can be sure that your project will be completed on time thanks to our decades of experience.

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