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Our company has been operating in Poland for many years and is engaged, among other things, in supplying light alloy equipment,  accessories and many other tools to keep you safe!

We offer ladder systems, fixed belay, roof, rope, vertical, horizontal, anti-fall systems and light alloy equipment.

Safety ladder system for high voltage towers

Safety ladder systems and platforms we offer are made of very durable materials and components, which means that they can be used even for a very long time without any signs of wear or damage.

The systems we offer ensures the safety of carrying out various types of work within:

  • medium and high voltage lines
  • belaying on the roof
  • vertical and horizontal belay

Our wide offer for security on overhead towers and buildings

Among other things, as part of the company’s offer, we provide ladders. They are created from quality materials, and the rungs are additionally equipped with an anti-slip system. This greatly increases the comfort and safety of ascending and descending even from very great heights.

The offered ladders are characterized by stable construction and resistance to various external factors, such as frost, rainfall or snow.

  • Aluminum structures
  • Aluminum structures for use in the power industry in various configurations and lengths.

The catalog mainly includes horizontal and vertical ladders, Derrick-type pole lifts, working platforms.

They can be used in the form of suspended vertical ladders, horizontal working ladders and long working platforms in overhead power line

Primarily made of high quality aluminum alloy with additional fall protection options. Equipped with interchangeable aluminum and steel hooks and swivel rollers.

While other dimensions produced according to customer requirements.

Special ladders and platforms for high voltage energy towers

In addition, we also offer special platforms. They are created according to the individual order of each customer in such a way that they can be adapted to the conditions prevailing on a given high-voltage line structure.

The platforms we supply ensure the safety and comfort of work carried out at considerable heights. Thanks to this, all installation and repair activities undertaken can be carried out in a much shorter time and with all the safety rules of being at a great height.

Check out what we have prepared for you!

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of our company and to choose the most suitable solutions for your needs. Numerous realizations carried out in recent years give us the confidence to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers in terms of workmanship and functionality of the structure.

Many people have already been convinced of the reliability of belay systems. For, as statistics show, in the case of proper operation of belay systems, no serious accidents have yet been reported.

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