Air compressor

The Air compressor is characterized by low fuel consumption, which translates into lower operating costs. In addition, Rotair uses innovative technologies, fuel saving systems and reduced exhaust emissions at a level compliant with European EURO 5 standards.

Air compressor adapted to all working conditions

The Rotair diesel air compressor is an ideal solution for field applications where there is no access to the electricity network or a constant source of compressed air is required.

Thanks to their mobility and portable design, Rotair diesel compressors are convenient to use and can be used in various conditions, for example in construction, the wood industry or to drive construction machinery

Screw compressors wrapped in innovative user-friendly technologies

Rotair diesel compressors are not only high-quality devices, but also innovative technological solutions that ensure reliability and long life of the device.

The machines we offer are not only very efficient, but also safe to use. They have special protection against overheating, overload and oil level control systems. Thanks to this, the user can be sure that the device works in accordance with the requirements and is safe to use.

A wide range of Rotair mobile and stationary air compressors

Our offer includes various models, combustion and electric, with different power and efficiency, thanks to which they can be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each client, who will not fail in any project.

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