Railway systems

OMAC Italy is engaged in the design and manufacture of overhead contact line kits – railway systems.

Railway systems for overhead line assembly

In our offer you can find realizations such as two-way and rail vehicles, which are used, among others, for tensioning the already mentioned overhead lines.

Our solutions for brighter future.

Two-way vehicles are specialized machines that allow the simultaneous tensioning of catenary lines on two tracks. This makes it possible to increase work efficiency and speed up the catenary construction process.

Two-way vehicles are particularly useful when constructing catenary lines in difficult terrain or in areas where access to tracks is limited.

These are manufactured by specialized, qualified engineers.

Please note that the rail and overhead l

ine vehicles you order may differ from those shown in our catalog. However, you can be sure that we will do everything possible to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the projects realized.

Trustworthy legacy

OMAC Italy stands for reliability and quality – many companies not only in Poland but all over Europe have put their trust in us.

That is why we invite you to use our machines and equipment, made

with attention to all technical details, even the smallest. Thanks to their durability and robustness, they can serve you perfectly for many years to create great railway systems for entire country.



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