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The best Stump Grubber by Dipperfox

Dipperfox made Stump grinding easy

The Dipperfox stump grubber is a revolutionary device that allows the quick and efficient removal of tree stumps. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology developed by Dipperfox, the milling machine is able to destroy tree trunks including their roots in seconds.

The Dipperfox milling machine is a revolution in the forestry industry that allows the removal of tree stumps in a fast, efficient and safe way for the environment.

Patented innovative technology

Dipperfox saves a lot of time, fuel, cleaning costs and on blades thanks to its simplicity. The screw-on blades, which are made of extremely strong steel, are interchangeable and possible in other sizes depending on customer requirements.

The range on spare parts is large enough that any unit will fit on classic hydraulically powered excavators.

The revolutionary Dipperfox stump grubber

One of the greatest strengths of this machine is the patented gearbox that automatically adjusts speed and power according to the resistance of the trunk, soil and roots. As a result, the milling machine works efficiently and precisely without damaging other elements around the trunk.

The Dipperfox trunk milling machine is equipped with special knives that effectively cut the wood. The machine works on the principle of a rotating head that crushes the trunks together with their roots. As a result, when the work is finished, nothing is left behind but the soil, which is already ready for the next crop.

The Dipperfox log milling machine is a professional excavator tool that is ideal for heavy equipment users. The unit is attached to the bucket arm for quick and easy attachment and removal. The unit is hydraulically powered.

Dipperfox stump crushers are the fastest and most powerful units of their type on the market.

The unit allows tree stumps to be removed quickly and safely, which is particularly important in the forestry industry. The Dipperfox milling machine is also highly efficient, allowing more stumps to be removed in less time.

Thanks to their design, Dipperfox grinders are
able to remove from 40 to 180 tree stumps per hour
of operation depending on the model.

With these results, Dipperfox milling machines are the first choice for forestry professionals who need a fast and efficient tool for removing tree stumps. This is why these milling machines are considered the most advanced and effective drills on the market.

They have made tree stump removal faster, easier and more efficient than ever before.

How does the Dipperfox stump grubber work?

Check out this short video!

Safety when working with Dipperfox stump grubber

Dipperfox stump milling machines are designed to ensure maximum safety for users. The machines are equipped with several innovative features that enhance their safety.

  • Dipperfox, thanks to its design, does not scatter any
  • The device is very precise and does not damage the surrounding road, paving stones or even vegetation. As a result, the operator does not have to worry about damaging the vegetation around the trunk, which increases work safety.
  • The grubbers are equipped with an automatic speed and power adjustment system, which minimises the risk of overloading the machine and ensures safe operation.
  • Finally, the Dipperfox crushers are made from the highest quality materials, which increases their durability and operational safety. The equipment also undergoes rigorous safety testing to ensure the highest quality and safe operation for users.

All in all, Dipperfox log crushers are safe thanks to their many innovative features and robust design. They are machines that provide maximum safety and minimise the risk of injury to users.

What kind of excavator for Dipperfox stump cutters?

Dipperfox log milling machines are adapted to work with different types of excavators, allowing them to be used in a wide range of conditions. Our SC400, SC600 and SC850PRO milling machines should be properly matched to the size of the excavator or other hydraulic machines.

Depending on your needs, Dipperfox crushers can be used with excavators ranging from 1.5 tonnes to as much as 30 tonnes. The size and power of the excavator are important, as they affect the performance of the cutter and the speed of tree trunk removal.

Dipperfox brand stump milling machines are usually attached to the arm of the excavator bucket, allowing the machine to be easily manoeuvred and remove stumps accurately.

The units are also very easy to operate and are available in a variety of configurations, allowing you to choose the best solution for your specific needs.

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