Cable lines pullers

Cable lines pullers

Our innovative Cable lines pullers for construction and instalations.
We introduce a range of modern tools to achieve higher productivity and reduce costs and environmental impact.

OMAC Italy is a guarantee of quality and efficiency

Our highly specialized and protected hydraulic winches make it possible to maximize the simplification of cable conduit work in all conditions, ensuring the highest productivity and accuracy.

Large range of accessories for the energy sector

We customize the type and power of the hydraulic winch for each project, and provide the necessary cable pulling equipment and accessories, such as cable rollers, pre-lines, strain relief, cable stockings, entry rollers, cable presses and much more.

Fully customized to the customer

We offer pullers, tensioners and entry machines that are of high quality and are tailored to customer requirements and European regulations.

We provide approval for public roads and individual approach to each project.

You don’t know which cable winch or puller will be the best for your task?
Choose the right air compressor for your industry!

Which winch or puller will be the best?

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