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New Rotair Air compressors – Delivery of MDVN 53K Eco5 and 37K

We have received great news! We have just delivered new diesel air compressors to our offer.
We’re talking about the new Rotair MDVN 53k and MDVN 37k screw compressors that are ready to meet your needs.

Diesel compressor Rotair 7 bar 5m3 /min

The MDVN 53K Eco5 – 7 bar 5000L/min is a powerful unit capable of operating continuously at 7 bar pressure with 5000L of air per minute.
It is an ideal choice for companies that need an air compressor with high efficiency and reliability.

This model has an innovative cooling and drying system, which guarantees maximum compressed air quality. In addition, thanks to the use of advanced technology, the MDVN 53K Eco 5 diesel compressor is very quiet and easy to use.

Diesel compressor 7 bar 3600L /min

The MDVN 37K – 7 bar 3600 L/min is an equally impressive model that also delivers reliability and performance. This compressor is able to operate in continuous mode at a pressure of 7 bar, which makes it an ideal solution for many enterprises.

MDVN 37K has a system that ensures high quality compressed air, and a pneumatic control system that allows automatic adjustment of engine speed depending on the volume of air supplied.

With Rotair compressors, you can rest assured that you have the latest technology in your industry at your fingertips.

Both diesel air compressors – MDVN 53K Eco5 and MDVN 37K – are characterized by exceptional durability and reliability, thanks to which they are able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. They are the ideal solution for companies that need air compressors with high capacity, reliability and high quality compressed air.

These new compressor models are the perfect solution for businesses that need a reliable source of compressed air. We deliver them to you with our experienced team that will help you choose the best model for your needs.

Contact us today for more information on the new MDVN 53K Eco5 and MDVN 37K compressor models.

We encourage you to actively participate in the measurement program that we will publish on our blog.
We hope that this will contribute to more reliable records and to making better choices by customers in the future.

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