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Air compressor for sandblasting – which one to choose?

Air compressor for sandblasting – which sandblasting compressor to choose?

The heart of the sandblaster and the most important element is the combustion compressor. It is he who decides whether the entire sandblasting process will be a success, without any corrections.

Sandblasting is the cleaning of steel, wooden and other elements with a stream of sand, as well as engraving with sand under pressure on glass and the soda blasting method, i.e. cleaning under pressure, in which baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) NaHCO3 is just a few applications of the blast cleaning technology.

For cleaning dirt (sandblasting, soda blasting, shot blasting), abrasive is used, which is thrown with compressed air to clean elements from various dirt, removing e.g. rust, tarnish, grease and others that traditional methods of air cleaning, such as water or chemicals.

Air compressor with or without a water separator?

The outgoing compressed air is heated by the pressure and on discharge this air is condensed by the change in pressure.

In some devices, elevated temperature with steam particles is not recommended, for this purpose the compressor must be equipped with an aftercooler with a dryer.

How to measure sandblasting pressure?

Sandblasting usually uses special equipment called a blast chiller or compressor, which is equipped with a suitable compressor. The pressure that is needed for sandblasting depends on the type of surface, the type of sand and the sandblasting device.

For a blast compressor, a pressure between 4.5 and 6.2 bar (65-90 PSI) is usually used, but in some cases a higher pressure may be needed. Sand blasting units usually have a built-in compressor and allow for pressure regulation ranging from 4.5 to 8.3 bar (65-120 PSI).

The sandblasting compressor should be properly selected for the type of sand and the sandblasting device. For best results and safe use, it is recommended that you consult your equipment manufacturer and the sand you will be using for proper pressure recommendations.

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Air compressor airflow to blasting nozzle pressure and diameter

Remember that high pressure can be dangerous if not properly controlled, so it is important to follow all safety guidelines when blasting.

Table with matching petrol and electric air compressors according to the nozzle diameter of the sandblasters

In addition to the air compressor, you also need to know what sandblaster will be used. Below you can find suitable compressors for popular nozzles.

Sandblasters 6-7barnozzle diameter [mm]Air compressor models 
mini sandblasters3 – 4
VRK 16 or EG11 7 bar
VRK 20 or EG11 7 bar
workshop sandblasters6
MDVN 26 Eco 5 or EG15 7 bar
MDVN 32B or EG18 7 bar
industrial sandblasters8 – 9
9 – 10
10 – 11
above 11
MDVN 46 Eco 5 or EG26 7 bar
MDVN 53 Eco 5 or EG26 7 bar
MDVN 83 Eco 5 or EG45 7 bar
MDVS 125 Eco 5 or EG55 7 bar
Air compressors with aftercooler for sandblasting and soda blasting

Why Rotair screw compressors?

Rotair mobile air compressors are one of the most popular blasting compressors due to their reliability, durability and efficiency. Rotair offers various models of compressors, including diesel and screw compressors for sandblasting, which provide different levels of power and pressure. Thanks to this, the compressor can be adapted to the individual needs of sandblasting.

If you are interested in a proven and cost-effective sandblasting solution,
our compressors meet these requirements.

Air compressors for sandblasting

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