Capstan winches

OMAC Italy capstan winches are innovative devices that have been designed to pull heavy loads efficiently and precisely. Manufactured by a renowned manufacturer, OMAC Italy capstan winches are distinguished by their high quality, reliability and performance, making them invaluable tools in various industries and applications.

OMAC Italy’s cable and wire winches are equipped with a powerful motor and advanced drive system that generate enough force to pull and lift heavy loads. Thanks to this, the operator can operate the winch effectively and safely when lifting and moving various types of objects, such as cable lines, machinery, structural elements or building materials.

The key element of OMAC Italy capstan pullers is the capstan itself. Equipped with a special rope or steel cable, the winch enables even and controlled pulling of the load. Thanks to the use of appropriate mechanisms, OMAC Italy capstan winches allow you to precisely adjust the speed of pulling and stop the load at any time.

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