Pneumatic mole

Pneumatic mole

Our company specialises in supplying high quality equipment and accessories to the energy industry.
In our offer you will find pneumatic moles, manufactured in Poland by the renowned TERMA brand.

The renowned TERMA MAX moles

Our pneumatic moles are ideal for trenchless laying of water, telecommunications, gas or electrical installations.

They meet the highest quality and safety standards, as confirmed by our satisfied customers throughout Europe.

Soil displacement machines we offer are made of robust materials and components, so they are resistant to damage and can be used for many years.

The high performance of our equipment makes them ideal for both small sites and large installation companies.

Extensive range of pneumatic moles

Our range includes products to suit a variety of needs and requirements, and our team of specialists can provide expert advice and assistance in selecting the best model for your needs.

We have products in a variety of diameters, allowing us to adapt to each customer’s needs.

If you don’t know which mole to choose for your compressor or you already own a mole and would like to find out which mole compressor to use, check out our blog!

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