Fibre pulling socks

Fibre pulling socks are to use as cable grips in building installations allows electricians to quickly and safely pull in cables without the need for stripping the cables first or bending pulling hooks. The Fibre pulling socks are simply pulled over the cable jacket and grip securely even with a slight pulling force. The power is transmitted evenly over the entire length of the mesh, which prevents the occurrence of point loads and the associated damage.

The knit length or nominal length of these stockings refers to the resulting length of braid on the cable when using an average cable diameter. The mesh structure of the braid should be square to ensure optimal performance and stability.

Another safety feature of these cable stockings is that the ends of the stockings are not soldered or pressed, but are braided back to the beginning of the stocking. This minimizes the risk of injury to both people and the cables themselves.

In summary, these cable grips provide an efficient solution for laying 4-6 mm, 6-9 mm and 9-12 mm diameter fiber optic cables in building installations. They simplify the installation process, ensure cable integrity and increase installer safety.

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    Cable Pulling stocking Ø 9-12 mm / C082.03

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    Cable Pulling stocking Ø 6-9 mm / C082.02

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    Cable Pulling stocking Ø 4-6 mm / C082.01

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