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Warranty and post-warranty service of machines

Our website offers a wide range of services.

We perform machine inspections, warranty and post-warranty repairs and provide spare parts for all machines and accessories manufactured by our suppliers.

We have a rich warehouse of spare parts in Poland. However, when we do not have a given part on site, it is imported from the central warehouse in Italy–>dot. mainly: compressors, winches, tensioners.

Warranty and post-warranty service of machines

We will do everything in our power to remove the failure as soon as possible.

However, together with the client, we will choose the most optimal solution.

A loyal customer is the best customer

We make sure that our customers are satisfied with our goods for as long as possible.

Wherever products are sold, there may be a situation where the customer is not satisfied with the purchased goods.

Complaints about purchased goods apply to every business.

Machine failure is a very rare situation with our products, but it can happen.

The most important thing is then that the service reacts properly.


Complaining about the purchased goods is usually a stressful activity for the customer. However, we can assure you that our positive approach to a possible problem will make it much easier to carry out a quick complaint and ensure a positive end result.

The condition for removing the damage covered by the warranty is to deliver the machine or part covered by the warranty (after prior agreement with the representative of Amin Power Energy) to the company’s headquarters: Zielone Wzgórze 6, 67-210 Głogów.

The cost of transport is borne by the customer.

Customer Service Center

It is also possible for the service to travel to the machine’s parking place (additional fee may be charged for each service’s access to the machine’s parking place).

The customer chooses the best possible solution to the problem:

  • Telephone conversation with the service department about the operation of the machine
  • The machine can come to the service (the cost of transport is borne by the customer)
  • The service technician can come to the customer (additional fee may apply)
  • The required part can be delivered directly to the customer

To facilitate contact and reporting any problems with the service, submitting complaints, comments and wishes, we have launched a special e-mail:   service@powerenergy.com.pl

In the body of the message, please provide:

  1. Machine name and type
  2. Machine serial number (or photo of the nameplate)
  3. Date of purchase and invoice number
  4. Contact details
  5. Description of the problem (photo or video showing the problem)

Please also fill out the FORM

One of the employees of the service department will contact you as soon as possible.

The price list of service and machine inspections is available in PDF
The price list of service and air compressors inspections is available in PDF


  • Assessment of the technical condition of the machine
  • Taking measurements
  • Calibration of machine measuring instruments
  • Carrying out ad hoc maintenance of parts and subassemblies
  • Determining actions aimed at eliminating the identified malfunctions
  • Determining the demand for materials and spare parts for planned repairs
Technical inspections

Please be advised that we will gladly take care of any faults and problems with the operation of our equipment

To facilitate contact and reporting a possible technical inspection, we have launched a special one.

e: mail :  service@powerenergy.com.pl

In the body of the message, please provide:

  1. Machine name and type
  2. Date of purchase and invoice number
  3. Contact details

One of the employees of the service department will contact you as soon as possible.

OMAC warranty terms – valid until 01.06.2021.

OMAC warranty terms – valid from 01.06.2021

ROTAIR warranty terms – valid from 01.01.2011.

Trime Warranty terms – 09.05.2023

Warranty of ropes and accessories – 28.09.2017


The purchase of goods takes place on the basis of an order placed in our online store in the online store tab or in writing by e-mail, in which you should enter the name, model and quantity of the ordered goods. Receipt of the ordered goods takes place at the place of production, delivery to the designated place is carried out at your request. This is an additionally paid service and is included in a separate item. Deliveries are made on the Incoterms basis. Within the European Union, deliveries are made on DDP terms.

The standard method of payment is 30% prepayment when ordering and 70% before shipping the goods. For your convenience, we have many payment solutions for the goods. For regular customers, we offer, of course, payment by bank transfer, with an agreed payment date. It is also possible to finance the purchase through the leasing service, which we help with.

However, we leave the payment currency to your decision: PLN, EUR and USD. Invoices are issued both from the branch in Poland and the Headquarters in Italy, which will allow you to pay for the invoice in the net amount, without involving VAT.

The moment of concluding the contract for the provision of the Customer’s account service is considered to be the end of the account registration process. The contract for the provision of the Basket service is concluded when the customer takes steps to launch a given service by clicking on the appropriately marked button: “Add to basket”.

General conditions of sale – from 01.03.2020

General conditions of sale until 01.03.2020


As the sole representative of the manufacturer of Omac-Italy machines, Rotair and Trime compressors, we distribute spare parts. We deliver parts both as part of warranty and post-warranty service. All components of the machines we deliver are cataloged, thanks to which we are able to select the appropriate part for a given type of machine in a very short time. Our adequate stock allows us to guarantee a maximum response time to reported failures and the delivery of the necessary spare parts. The parts we supply are authorized by the machine manufacturer, which is why they are of the highest quality. The components installed in our machines come from the best manufacturers.

Constant contact with the technical department at the factory allows us to provide individual technical advice. The selection of parts is also carried out for unusual inquiries from users of our machines. Up-to-date technical documentation is attached to all deliveries.

For machines purchased from us, we ensure continuity of spare parts supply for 5 years from the date of delivery of the device.


Our Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Act for store customers can be found in the footer of the page.

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