Electric Stationary Compressors

All ELGi oil-free Electric Stationary Compressors are designed to provide maximum uptime and reliability.

Electric Stationary Compressors

By complying with the highest safety standards, oil-free compressors guarantee low energy consumption and low discharge air temperatures while ensuring high reliability.

Oil injected air compressors

The range of oil-injected compressors includes cost-effective, durable compressed air solutions suitable for both light and heavy industrial applications.

Best in class infrastructure

ELGi has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India, Italy and the United States. ELGi’s equipment is designed based on proprietary technology to ensure maximum uptime and reliability at a low total cost of ownership.


Genuine ELGi parts extend the life of your compressor and increase its efficiency. With our extensive after-sales service network aimed at providing world-class service and inspection, customers can easily order ELGi parts for timely replacement under warranty and repair protection.

Your ELGi compressors are in good hands with international service and a database of all spare parts!

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