Power cable winch

The OMAC Italy power cable winch is an advanced tool designed for professional pulling and tensioning of cables in the power industry. Manufactured by the renowned Italian manufacturer OMAC Italy, this winch is known for its high quality workmanship, reliability and performance.

The OMAC Italy power cable winch has been designed to meet the requirements and expectations of pulling and tensioning power cables of various diameters and lengths. Thanks to its solid construction and durable materials, the winch is able to cope with heavy loads and long-term operation.

One of the key features of the OMAC Italy cable winch is its precise control. Using the advanced control system, the operator can precisely control the force of pulling and tensioning the cables, which ensures not only efficiency, but also safety during work. In addition, the winch is equipped with various safety features such as braking systems and overload protection to protect the operator and the equipment.

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