Rope pulley

Rope pulley, also known as a rope pulley, are essential tools for companies in the construction, industrial and energy sectors. They are used to change the direction or increase the strength of cable lines.

Light and open design

Our offer includes very high-strength clip-on pulleys, which have an aluminum pulley on ball bearings and an aluminum frame, opened on one side.

Durable bearings adapted to higher stresses

Thanks to the use of ball bearings, the clip-on pulleys ensure smooth routing of the ropes through the device, which increases the efficiency of pulling and reduces friction.

Decades of experience in the energy industry

Our rope pulleys or rope pulleys are devices of very high strength, stability and ease of use, which we guarantee thanks to our many years of experience in providing the best possible equipment and tools.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose blocks that meet your requirements.

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