Nylon rope

Nylon rope is commonly used for pulling wire ropes, wires and cables due to their unique properties and strength.

Nylon rope

Nylon is a synthetic polymer that is characterized by high durability, flexibility and resistance to many weather conditions, which makes it an ideal material for this type of applications.

What makes a nylon rope stand out?

  1. High strength: Nylon lines are characterized by high tensile strength, which allows for safe and effective pulling of heavy steel ropes, wires and cables.
  2. Elasticity: Nylon has the ability to stretch, which allows it to absorb sudden loads and impacts when pulled on. This prevents excessive tension in the lines and helps avoid damage to the materials being drawn in.
  3. Weather resistance: Nylon is resistant to moisture, UV radiation and many other weather factors. Thanks to this, nylon lines are durable and do not quickly deteriorate outdoors.
  4. Low friction: Nylon has a low coefficient of friction, which makes it easier to pull in materials with high resistance, such as steel lines and cables.
  5. Chemical resistance: Nylon is resistant to many chemicals, making it suitable for use in a variety of industrial environments.
  6. Ease of maintenance: Nylon ropes are relatively easy to maintain. They can be washed and cleaned, which allows for a longer life and preservation of their properties.
  7. Low dead weight: Nylon is light compared to other materials of similar strength, which makes it easier to handle and transport the ropes.

However, it is worth remembering that nylon ropes have certain limitations, such as lower strength compared to steel ropes of the same diameter. Therefore, the choice of the appropriate line depends on the specific application and the load to be drawn.

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