Screw compressor aftercooler

Air coolers for the compressor of the Italian manufacturer Friulair for the combustion compressor are extremely durable, efficient and reliable.

Cooling the air to the ambient temperature allows you to maintain the optimal operating temperature of blowers and other equipment powered by a combustion compressor.

Years of experience with screw compressors

We have extensive experience in the sale of screw compressor aftercooler.

This allows us to offer tailor-made solutions based on hundreds of compressors sold throughout Europe.

Quality based on experience

In addition to the standard offer of Screw compressor aftercooler, we are able to provide products that meet the unique requirements of our customers. We cooperate with the best suppliers of materials and raw materials, which guarantees the highest quality of our products.

Friulair compressor aftercoolers are designed and manufactured with maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption in mind. As a result, they save operating costs and help increase the efficiency of compressed air systems.

Ease of use and assurance of satisfaction

In addition, our compressed air coolers are easy to install and maintain, which translates into low operating costs.

All these features make Friulair coolers the perfect choice for our customers who are looking for reliable and efficient devices to cool compressed air in their combustion compressors.

We will help you choose the right cooler for your air compressor!

Business customers can also count on our company’s support in choosing the right cooler model for their combustion compressor.

Our experts are able to help in choosing the best solution, taking into account the individual needs and requirements of the client.

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