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Diesel air compressor for shotcrete – which one to choose?

Efficient and professional shotcrete process is the key to achieving durable, aesthetic and safe structures. To ensure the effectiveness of this process, the right tool is necessary – Diesel air compressor for shotcrete.

Choosing the right compressor is of great importance for the efficiency and quality of a shotcreting machine, so in our article we will focus on the key criteria and tips for choosing the best shotcreting machine.

What is shotcrete?

Shotcrete (pneumatic concrete or guncrete) is a method used in construction and repair of structures, consisting in spraying a special concrete mix or mortar onto structural surfaces. This process is carried out using compressed air, which pushes the mixture from the discharge nozzle to the final destination.

Shotcrete can be used for a variety of applications, such as repairing and renovating concrete surfaces, reinforcing structures, protecting surfaces from damage, creating fire-resistant linings, as well as in tunnel construction and new construction. An important advantage of gunning is the possibility of applying the material to hard-to-reach places and obtaining a uniform surface.

The tools needed for the smooth operation of the shotcrete machine

Purchasing a shotcrete machine is the first thing businesses buy most often, and they often forget that the following tools are needed for the entire shotcrete machine to function properly:

  1. Air Compressor: An efficient screw air compressor is essential to supply sufficient compressed air pressure to the spray gun to push the mix to the surface. Mobile air compressors are often chosen because of their mobility and the ability to work in places where there is no access to electricity.
  2. Spray nozzle: This is a special nozzle attached to the end of the shotcrete from which the concrete mix is thrown onto the surface. Choosing the right nozzle affects the precision and quality of the application.
  3. Additional tools and equipment: Other tools and equipment may be needed for gunning, such as mix transport hoses, components for connecting the air compressor to the shotcreting machine, materials to protect the environment from dusting, etc.

It is important that all tools and materials are properly selected and meet the technical requirements to ensure effective and safe execution of gunning. Before working with a pneumatic concrete machine, follow the relevant safety standards and guidelines and follow the recommendations of the equipment and material manufacturer.

Diesel air compressor for shotcrete

The power and efficiency of the air compressor are the key parameters that affect the quality and efficiency of the gunning process. It is worth understanding what working pressure (in bar) and air flow (in m3/min) are required to properly spray the concrete mix.

The most popular shotcrete machines usually require from 5 m3 of air flow to 8 m3 at a working pressure of 7 bar.


Mobile air compressors often run on fuel, so it is worth paying attention to their energy efficiency. When choosing a unit, it is worth paying attention to the fuel consumption in liters per hour (l / h) and the engine power in kW, where some manufacturers often reduce the efficiency of the compressor by equipping the compressors with oversized combustion engines due to current shortages on the market.

Technological solutions

Modern diesel air compressors are often equipped with advanced technologies that make them easier to use and ensure greater safety during operation. Intelligent combustion compressor systems, automatic engine speed control, START-STOP systems are solutions that facilitate and improve the shotcreting process.

When choosing a compressor, it is worth paying attention to such functions that will facilitate the daily operation of the device and allow employees to focus on the project at hand.

Chassis approved for public roads

In the construction industry, the mobility of a diesel compressor is extremely important. Shotcreting work can be carried out in various places on the construction site, also in hard-to-reach areas. That is why it is worth choosing a mobile air compressor equipped with a chassis with a drawbar, which will facilitate its movement on the road. When buying a portable screw compressor, pay attention to the approvals for public roads.

Click on one of the icons below to learn more about the Mobile Chassis.

Chassis construction and operation costs

Safety while gunning is a key aspect. That is why it is worth focusing on a solid construction of the compressor, which will ensure reliability and resistance to damage. In addition, you need to pay attention to how access to consumables looks like to reduce service time. Each mobile air compressor for shotcrete should meet the relevant safety norms and standards given by the EU.


Choosing the right diesel air compressor for shotcrete machine is crucial for effective and trouble-free shotcreting.
Efficiency, pressure, mobility, economy of the EURO 5 combustion engine and advanced technologies are factors to be considered when making a choice, while maintaining the relevant noise standards and approvals.

Before making the final choice, it is worth consulting with the producer or distributor of the shotcrete machine, who will help you choose the right air compressor for the specifics of a given concrete spraying machine.

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Mobile air compressors for shotcrete machines

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