Cable trailers and reel stands

The experience gained in recent years allows our company to provide quality equipment used, among others, in the energy industry.

Cable trailers and reel stands

The presented cable trailers are made of very durable materials resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as frost, rain or snow. They have electric and reflective lighting, which means that they can move on public roads.

The offered stands prevent the cables from tangling during their transport to the place of implementation. In addition, they greatly facilitate the process of wiring installation.

In our offer you can find:

  • Cable trailers up to 3,5t.
  • Cable trailers 3,5t
  • Powered cable trailers
  • Cable stands

Recently, our offer has been enriched with, among others, Cable racks. They are mainly used when carrying out large projects involving the assembly of high-voltage lines.

Primarily used for lifting, coiling and unwinding wires when stringing the wire or cable.

Hydraulically driven props by means of a hydraulic motor connected to the machine or hydraulic unit. Feet supplied in pairs with one disc brake, axle and crosses.

Products with possibility for custom-made solutions

Our product range includes cable drum lifts with various load capacities according to customer requirements with appropriately matched axle diameters.

However, as an option, we can equip the stand with an axis mounted on ball bearings for easier rotation of the drum.

Cable trailers and reel stands are produced in a galvanized and painted versions.

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