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Tersano Home Ozone is a water ozonator that has been designed for domestic use. It is an innovative device that enables effective ozonation of water, which contributes to the removal of contaminants, viruses and bacteria from the water.

Tersano innovative home ozonator

The Tersano SAO home ozonator allows for simple and effective home ozonation of water, which can contribute to improving the quality of drinking water. The unit is able to produce large amounts of ozone in the water, allowing it to be effectively purified after being filtered through Tersano’s innovative technology filter.

Improving food quality and bacteria

Tersano is also a food ozoniser, which can be used to clean vegetables, fruit and meat before they are consumed.

Ozonation removes contaminants, pesticides and other harmful substances from food. In this way, the Tersano SAO ozonator can contribute to improving the quality of the food we eat.

Domestic cleaning and disinfection

The Tersano SAO ozonator is also an effective tool for cleaning and disinfecting domestic surfaces such as kitchen worktops, bathrooms and floors.

All you need for infinite cleaning solution is… water

The ozone produced and retained in the water by the unit is a powerful oxidiser that can effectively remove bacteria and viruses, which can contribute to keeping the home clean. As a result, this device can help improve water and food quality, as well as keeping the home clean.

You can find out more about how remarkable Tersano’s product is on our blog.

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