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Which air compressor for a soil displacement hammer?

Soil displacement hammer

The soil displacement hammer, commonly known as a pnaumatic mole, is powered by compressed air.
Compressed air is supplied to the mole through a supply hose connected to an air compressor.

This air pushes the piston into the mole. The piston hits the hammer head piece and at the same time the air entering the machine starts to push the piston towards the rear of the mole to prepare its position for the next impact on the front part of the head.

How pneumatic impact mole works

What working pressure can soil displacement hammers be used with?

For their use, air compressors with a working pressure of 7 bar are required.

In order to choose the right size of the air compressor, you should familiarize yourself with the parameters and requirements of your pneumatic mole. Machines of this type require lubrication of moving parts.

Therefore, in addition to the compressor, a lubricator is necessary to ensure that the right amount of grease is supplied to the center of the soil displacement hammer.

When choosing a compressor to power the jacking machine, special attention should be paid to the mole’s need for air flow. However, if the flow is too low, the jacking machine will not have enough force to do its job.

Suitable air compressor for pneumatic moles.

To help you choose a screw type air compressor for your machines, we have placed tables to facilitate their selection, along with links to the appropriate model of a combustion engine powered air compressor from the renowned Rotair company.

In our online store you can find pneumatic moles of the leaders of the European market, the Polish manufacturer – Terma.

Table of suitable diesel air compressors for the diameter of jacking machines:

machine modeljacking diameter [mm]air flow [l/min]air compressor model 
K55S55700 – 1100VRK 16
K65S65800 – 1200VRK 16
K75S751100 – 1800VRK 20
K95S951700 – 2500VRK 20 or MDVN 26 Eco 5
K130S1302400 – 3000MDVN 26 Eco 5 or MDVN 32B
K160S1603500 – 4500MDVN 37K or MDVN 46 Eco 5
K180S1804500 – 5000MDVN 53 Eco 5
T240above 190 mm 6000 – 7500MDVN 83 Eco 5

If you are interested in a proven and cost-effective solution to power pneumatic moles,
our air compressors meet all requirements.

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