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Cable stockings

Cable stockings (also known as cable mantles) are made of durable stainless steel. They are specifically designed to withstand high breaking forces and ensure stable cable pulling over long distances.

The properties of cable stockings are crucial for the effectiveness and safety of the cable pulling process. Good quality stockings provide adequate strength and flexibility, minimizing the risk of cable damage when pulling. In addition, they are resistant to weather conditions and external factors, which is extremely important when working outside.

Benefits of using the right cable stockings

Using our experience in the power sector allows us to deliver the best possible solutions in the form of the most popular accessories, including cable stockings that do not disappoint!

Our cable stockings provide:

✅ They enable effective and efficient pulling of cables over long distances, which is especially important when building large-scale power lines.

✅ They provide a strong and even clamp around the cable, thanks to their rough structure.

✅ They minimize the risk of cable damage, which translates into greater reliability of the electrical network.

✅ They allow you to precisely control the pulling process and avoid uneven cable tension.

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