10 ton cable winch

The OMAC Italy 10 ton cable winch is a high quality machine that is extremely useful for a variety of heavy duty cable pulling and routing tasks. Manufactured by the renowned Italian manufacturer OMAC Italy, this winch offers reliability, performance and durability to meet the expectations of even the most demanding professionals.

Equipped with a powerful motor and an advanced drive system, it is able to generate enough force to pull in and guide cables weighing up to 10 tons. Thanks to this, heavy cable lines can be moved effectively and safely on construction sites, in the power, telecommunications or industrial sectors.

In addition, the OMAC Italy 10 ton cable winch can be equipped with a variety of accessories and add-ons that allow the machine to be adapted to the specific tasks and needs of the user. This flexible solution gives you the ability to work in different conditions and with different types of cables.

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