Soil displacement hammers

The Terma MAX soil displacement hammers are one of the strongest, most accurate and pneumatic moles in the world.

Soil displacement hammers

The Terma MAX jacking mole has innovative head mounts, heavier weight beaters and functional reverse gear operation, which allows the operator to maneuver the machine more easily and precisely. High impact energy allows you to overcome difficult obstacles in the field, which makes pneumatic mole Terma MAX a perfect tool.

A pneumatic mole made to live underground!

It is also worth noting that pneumatic mole Terma MAX is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of ecological EkoMAX oil. The machine has a low demand for supply air, which translates into energy and operating cost savings.

Professional advice and satisfaction guarantee

We provide our clients with professional assistance in choosing the best solution, as well as deliver the machines personally and train employees in the service.

Customers who choose soil displacement hammers of Terma MAX machines appreciate their quality and efficiency at work, which is confirmed by numerous positive opinions.

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